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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the services provided by "CCTV5 Program List" (hereinafter referred to as "we")! We are fully aware of the importance of personal information to you, and solemnly promise to protect the personal information and privacy security of users (hereinafter collectively referred to as "users" or "you") who use CCTV5 program lists. When you use the CCTV5 program list, we may collect and use your relevant personal information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information"). We hope to explain to you the corresponding processing rules and other related matters when we collect and use your personal information through the CCTV5 Program List Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy"), so as to better protect your rights and interests.

Special Tips
Before using the CCTV5 program list, please read it carefully (minors should read it with their guardians) and understand the Privacy Policy (especially the contents marked in bold or underlined) to make appropriate choices. When you agree to the Privacy Policy, you agree that we will process your relevant personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of the Privacy Policy, you should not use the CCTV5 program list.

The information and/or third-party services (including any third-party applications, websites, products, services, etc.) contained in or linked to our products/services are operated by a third party. Your use of this information/service is subject to the rules for the collection and use of personal information that the third party has otherwise explained to you, not the Privacy Policy.

1. Information browsing
You can accurately find the information or information you need by searching. We will keep your search content for you to re-enter or show you the goods or services associated with your search content. When you use the search function, the latest copy information on your clipboard will be displayed on the search page to quickly provide you with the content you need. Please rest assured that we will only display the information copied recently from your clipboard, not collect your clipboard nor upload the above information to our server. Only after you confirm to fill in the above information in the search box and click Search, we will collect this information in order to realize the search function.

2. Information release
(1) When you publish, comment and reply through the community, CCTV5 program number, forecast number, interactive schedule and information review functions, we will collect your published content and display your nickname, avatar, published content and release time.
(2) When you publish pictures and audio in the above functions, we will request you to authorize the camera permission, album read and write permission/storage permission, and microphone permission of the device in the form of pop-up window, so that we can obtain the pictures, audio and video you want to publish. If you refuse to grant permission, you will not be able to use the information publishing function, but it will not affect your normal use of other functions of CCTV5 program list.
3. Interactive communication
When you participate in interactive communication through chat rooms and interactive schedules, we will collect your published information and display your nickname, avatar, published content and membership level.

4. Presentation of recommended advertisements
In order to achieve accurate push and optimized display of advertising content, we will collect your device information, log information, network information, as well as some of your information on third-party platforms indirectly obtained through our third-party partners, to extract your preference characteristics and match corresponding commercial advertisements for you. In the process of advertising recommendation to you, we strive to use advanced technology to properly protect your personal information. We will use de identification technology and intelligent algorithms based on machine learning, model prediction, etc. to ensure that your personal identity is not required to be identified in the entire advertising recommendation process. Our advertising partners can only view information related to advertising effects, and cannot identify you. In the CCTV5 program list APP, you can turn off the recommended advertising push function through the "My Settings Recommended Advertising Display" function.

5. Improve our service
If you feed back to us the problems you encounter in using CCTV5 program list, with your consent, we may collect the "recent error log" in your device information, and obtain access to album read and write permissions/storage permissions to obtain screenshot information. We will find product problems through your feedback, and improve and optimize CCTV5 program list. In order to ensure the stable operation of software and services, more accurately locate and solve the problems you encounter when using the software, improve and optimize the service experience of the software, and ensure the security of your account, we will collect your hardware model, operating system version number, device serial number, international mobile device identification code (IMEI), international mobile user identification code (IMSI) Device application installation list, SD card data, clipboard, independent device identifier (Android ID/IDFA/OpenUDID/GUID/OAID). In order to realize the function of rolling the opening screen advertisement, we will collect your device sensor data (acceleration sensor)

6. Other uses
Please note that if we want to use your personal information for other purposes not specified in the Privacy Policy or additionally collect your other personal information not mentioned in the Privacy Policy, we will use reasonable methods (including but not limited to updating the Privacy Policy , re signing documents, page prompts, pop-up windows, letters on the site, emails, website announcements or other ways for you to know) will explain the collection, use purpose, method, scope and other rules of corresponding information to you in detail, and collect and use it after obtaining your authorization and consent. Once you agree, such additional use will be regarded as a part of the Privacy Policy, and the protection rules of such additional personal information will also apply to the Privacy Policy.