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Champions League Cup

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Champions League Cup

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Champions League Cup

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Champions League Cup

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  • Liverpool beat Atletico Madrid 3-1 at home and eliminated the opponent 5-3 in two rounds
  • According to CCTV5 program list (January 4, 2024), a focus game in the second round of the European Champions League 1/8 final was held at Anfield Stadium, where the English Premier League champions Liverpool played Spanish champions Atletico Madrid at home. In the first round, Atletico Madrid relied on the goals of Suarez and Kirk,
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-04 10:46:39
  • The champion team of Real Madrid, the 2016 Champions League champion, which players have left the team and which players are still playing
  • CCTV5 program list (January 4, 2024) - In 2016, Real Madrid made history in the European Champions League. In the final, they defeated the city rivals Atletico Madrid on penalties, and won the 11th European Cup in the team's history, which is also their third in three years
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-04 10:43:33
  • The draw for the Champions League group match was announced. Manchester City met the group of death, and Barcelona and Bayern once again faced each other
  • According to CCTV5 program list (January 4, 2024), the draw ceremony for the 2023-2024 Champions League group match was held in Istanbul, Turkey, and 32 teams were divided into 8 groups, the most striking of which were Group A and Group B, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Leipzig Red Bull and Buenos Aires
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-04 10:43:24
  • Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola is looking forward to the third time in the countdown to the Champions League final
  • On January 3, 2024, according to CCTV5 program list, the European Champions League (Champions League for short) is the highest level club event in European football, and also one of the most popular and influential football events in the world. The Champions League final is the final match of the Champions League and the highest honor in football. Every year
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:34:15
  • Lionel Messi has won four victories in a row, and Barcelona has won back the initiative by beating Bayern away from home
  • CCTV5 Program List On January 3, 2024, the second round of the European Champions League 1/8 final will continue. Barcelona will challenge Bayern Munich away. In the last round, Barcelona lost 1-2 at home to Bayern and was at a disadvantage. However, in this game, Barcelona's number one star Lionel Messi played a heroic role and cut four players in a row
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:32:07
  • Marseille won the Champions League, why is it now in the middle of the French league?
  • On January 3, 2024, according to CCTV5 program list, the 18th round of the French League has just ended. Paris Saint Germain continues to lead the championship with a 4-0 victory over Nice, while Marseille draws 1:1 with Lance, falling to the ninth place, 10 points away from the European war zone. Such achievements make Xu
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:28:05
  • Real Madrid won the 15th Champions League, Ronaldo broke the record, Messi was dejected
  • CCTV5 Program List On January 3, 2024, the European Champions League (hereinafter referred to as the Champions League) is the annual club football match hosted by the European Football Association. The event is attended by the club teams of the European top league, and the championship is decided through group matches, double round elimination matches, and single final matches. Represent European Club
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:27:03
  • Porto's Huolong Stadium ushers in the 2021 Champions League final. Who can win the Big Ear Cup between Manchester City and Chelsea?
  • According to CCTV5 program list (January 3, 2024), the final of the 2021 European Champions League will begin tonight. Two teams from England, Manchester City and Chelsea, will fight for the highest honor in European football - the Big Ear Cup at the Huolong Stadium in Porto, Portugal.
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:26:50
  • Paris Saint Germain dropped to the fifth place in the Champions League after a 1-1 draw with Inter Milan in the first round of the last 16 Champions League matches
  • According to CCTV5 program list (January 3, 2024), the first round of the top 16 of the Champions League continued. Paris Saint Germain challenged Inter Milan away. After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, the two sides finally made a 1-1 draw. Such a result makes Paris Saint Germain fall to
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-03 10:26:23
  • The top 16 of the European Cup was announced, and France, Germany, England, Spain and other strong teams competed for the championship
  • According to CCTV5 program list (January 2, 2024), the group stage of the European Cup has ended, and the list of 16 qualified teams has also been released, including traditional strong teams such as France, Germany, England and Spain, as well as dark horse teams such as Italy, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-02 11:27:14
  • When will the European Cup finals begin in 2023? 12 host cities compete for honor, and Wembley Stadium becomes the focus
  • On January 2, 2024, according to CCTV5 program list, the European Cup is the highest honor of European football and one of the most influential and competitive national team events in the world. It is held every four years, and 24 top teams from European countries participate in it to compete for the championship of European football. European Cup
  • Egyptian super 2025-01-02 11:22:20
league table Shooter list
  • Rank
  • team
  • Win even lose
  • integral
    1. one

    2. Odd
    3. 20/5/5
    4. sixty-five
    1. two

    2. Sandfiger
    3. 17/9/4
    4. sixty
    1. three

    2. Starr
    3. 17/8/5
    4. fifty-nine
    1. four

    2. Sondal
    3. 15/9/6
    4. fifty-four
    1. five

    2. Honefoss BK
    3. 15/6/9
    4. fifty-one
    1. six

    2. Nordden
    3. 12/10/8
    4. forty-six
    1. seven

    2. Haiyugesong
    3. 11/9/10
    4. forty-two
    1. eight

    2. Niborg Sound
    3. 12/6/12
    4. forty-two
    1. nine

    2. Moss
    3. 9/12/9
    4. thirty-nine
    1. ten

    2. Sapsburg
    3. 10/7/13
    4. thirty-seven
    1. eleven

    2. Blaine
    3. 10/6/14
    4. thirty-six
    1. twelve

    2. Loveham
    3. 9/7/14
    4. thirty-four
    1. thirteen

    2. Constwenger
    3. 8/6/16
    4. thirty
    1. fourteen

    2. Alta
    3. 8/2/20
    4. twenty-six
    1. fifteen

    2. Sandnis
    3. 5/10/15
    4. twenty-five
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